Carolyn Casey

Recovered from a non-stop lifestyle

Carolyn has lived a non-stop life of 80-hour work weeks. A life that didn’t include time for joy, play, relaxation–her!

She has recovered and so can you! It took a series of personal growth seminars to wake her up to the idea that there is more in life. More for her. More for everyone.

It took being pulled away from the momentum of her life to see life clearly. And to get in touch with her deepest desires.

That’s what retreating from your life does–you give yourself perspective. You bring yourself possibilities. You bring yourself new hope and new creativity.

All of the things you see on this website came as a result Carolyn’s personal retreats. Now she invents them and plays in them with others regularly. Best of all, she encourages others to do the same.

Come create a bigger, better version of your life–one that includes you!

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