Silent aha! Retreat

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Is Silence for Me?

Most people, even those looking into a silent retreat experience, are afraid of being in silence. What will happen? Will I be able to stay silent? Will my mind freak out?

I make silence accessible to the average, first-time participant who is slightly suspicious or even completely terrified of silence.

And most people fall in love with silence, in just a few hours. Can you imagine? And why do you suppose?

It turns out that in this noisy world, silence is your friend in delightful, unexpected ways.

Silence is a Gift

Silence is a gift you give to yourself. One day in your life–9 a.m.-5 p.m. One day dedicated to you. One day where you literally have nothing to do. No demands. No deadlines. No list. No rushing. Not even any cooking! Your every need is anticipated and taken care of so all you have to do is be with you.

You give your time, attention, ideas and focus to you…not your work…not your family…not even your pet! You, the person you know the best in life. You, the one who is most often helping and doing for others. It’s your turn to receive from you. Can you imagine?

Why Silence?

In this busy 24/7 world, we rarely take time completely for ourselves, where there is no goal. No agenda. No next step.

Our lives are BUSY, brimming full of opportunities that are too enticing to turn down—for us, for our children or for our families.

Our bodies and our psyches haven’t kept pace with the rapid evolution of things like texting, FB, Twitter, Pintrest, endless email, etc. and so we pay a price. It could be an external price, like failing health or high blood pressure or divorce. In many cases, it’s an internal price like burn out, lack of passion in our work or life, depression, anxiety or despair.

“Silence is Instructive” ~Lao Tsu

Most sacred texts teach about the power of silence. And all of today’s contemporary teachers on personal growth hale silence as a critical tool, a tool that allows you to tap into your inherent, internal wisdom. Yet most people haven’t gotten around to silence. And silence, coupled with stillness, is not something that is taught as part of the mainstream culture, at least not in this part of the world.

Why do we avoid silence? Because it’s unknown. Because it’s hard to find. Because we might not be able to do it. Because it’s scary!

How Your Day Works

The Silent Aha!s experience is self-guided, meaning you will choose how you will spend your silent time. Of course I have some tips for you that we kick off the day with, so don’t panic. Typically participants will sit and reflect, nap, journal, take a walk and/or read some inspirational material—all done at your leisure. In this case it’s not about what you do; it’s more about what you are not doing during your retreat that will enrich your experience.

Honestly, you there is no wrong way to do silence, so breathe! (Also, it is normal to be very nervous about silence and also interested in it. You are not broken or weird!)

You will be have access to snacks and a variety of drinks and a sumptuous, healthy lunch. Then, as you come out of silence, we will chat a bit about our experiences and get ready to re-enter the world with a refreshed spirit and perspective.

Gorgeous Setting

I believe that the setting of your silent experience matters–nothing that triggers you to dive into your To Do List or nags at your conscience. Clutter-free, calm, peaceful–right in the heart of the Treasure Valley!

Whether you are outside (nestled under blankets in the winter months) sitting on a porch watching the twin streams flow down over the rocks, tucked in a nook or perhaps cozied up in front of the fireplace, trees envelop, squirrels entertain and nature instructs.

The perfect place to simply be.

NOTE: To maintain privacy, specific location address given to participants after registration

Give Yourself One Day

The Silent Aha!s retreats are purposely simple so anyone can experience them and fall in love with the gift of silence.

Can I do it? What will I find? Will it be awful? Will I be emotional? These are common questions and fears. Here is what our past clients have found: perspective, peace, joy, hope, insights and relaxation.

One day is all it takes.

Sign Me Up!

Silent Aha!s experience dates for 2020 season are postponed until a covid vaccine can keep you (& me) safely in silence.

All Silent Aha! experiences start at 9 a.m. and end at 5 p.m.. Fees are all-inclusive and cover snacks, lunch, drinks and silence.

Cost: $127
A $47 deposit guarantees your spot. Balance due at time of retreat or you may pay in full now. (If you need a personalize payment plan, please inquire and I will arrange for that.)

I love it when you sign up and pay with Venmo (@Carolyn-Casey-11) or Cash App ($CarolynCaseyaha)

Should the need arise for you to cancel, I am happy to transfer your payment to a different retreat date/event or another person or a gift certificate. I do not provide refunds.
All service provided by Carolyn Casey, LLC